WinWGet beta 0.20

Low-key, portable download manager


  • Portable
  • Lots of detail provided about your downloads
  • Good configuration options


  • No help file
  • Some configuration options too complicated for non-advanced users

Very good

Downloads - one of the most useful things about the internet, and also one of the most difficult to do discreetly.

If you need to download files, but don't want to leave any trace of your activity, WinWGet might be the answer. This portable download manager, based on Wget, doesn't need to be installed and can be deleted by simply erasing the folder, getting rid of the manager and any files you have saved to the folder in one easy step.

One of the great things about WinWGet is the fact that it monitors the clipboard for links, meaning that as soon as you copy one, a WinWGet window pops up for you to configure. You can then set the file to download immediately, or line a few up for later. For such a small program, WinWGet certainly has lots of options - you can pause, reset and clone jobs, specify HTTP and FTP options, and toggle advanced options. As long as you copy file location, rather than clicking download buttons, WinWGet "steals" your download from your normal download manager, meaning more control for you.

While files are downloading, their status is clearly displayed in WinWGet's tabbed screens, one of which shows job information while the other logs the technical details of the download. This allows advanced users to stay fully informed about their download, while the non-technical can just keep up with the WinWGet basics.

WinWGet is the perfect program for discreet and portable downloads.



WinWGet beta 0.20

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